Chon-Ji Martial Arts Academy is pleased to present our 8th annual Battle on the Columbia. Please print the division sheet, mark it up, and mail it to us (with cash or check, so we know that you aren’t kidding). Much like the ancient ways of martial arts has not lost its powerful traditions, physical mail still lives strong–don’t worry though, you’ll have the ability to pay online in the near future. Yeah, we can see the future and it looks pretty bright. Can’t wait to see you at the tournament.

Here are the deals:

First Event Purchased Between 4/16/16 and 6/4/16: $25.00

First Event Purchased Between 6/5/16 and 8/1/16: $35.00

First Event Purchased After 8-1-16: $55.00

BOC 2016 Division Sheet – Current

If you want to be totally ready for the tournament, you can also fill out the waiver that we’ve provided below. Send it in with your Division Sheet or bring it with you on the day of the tournament.

Waiver 2016